Introducing our Cream Tea In A Box

For lots of us the Christmas season comes with a tradition of visiting family, friends and neighbours. My memories of Christmas growing up are full of people just ‘popping around’ to say hello and drop off a card or something horrendously unhealthy to eat – but as lovely as it sounds sometimes unexpected guests can be a bit of a pain; especially if they’re not bringing what they then expect to eat and drink!

Whilst that reflection probably says more about my personality (or more accurately my antisocial tendencies when I’m tired), when I saw an ad earlier in December advertising cheap booze so you could be “prepared for every unexpected guest”, it did get me thinking about how we might be able to high-jack that tradition – and turn it into something useful.


And that’s where our Cream Tea In A Box came from. For a start, cream tea’s are amazing (and clotted cream is definitely unhealthy enough to be acceptable Christmas food) – more importantly, they’re already a big part of what we do, with the Cream Tea Club really being the precursor for this whole project. A Cream Tea In A Box is quite literally that, tea for two, all packed up in a neat little cardboard box – all you need to add is hot water and a bit of loveliness.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be giving the boxes out to our members, and asking them to share their tea with another neighbour over sixty.

Partners Eashmota from the Living Centre and Mark from Keepmoat

Whether our members invite someone around, or pop over to their’s (perhaps even unannounced) one thing is for sure – with good tea, comes good conversation. And we’ll be encouraging our members to use this as an opportunity to talk about what it’s like to grow older in the area, contributing to our discovery and research. And of course all of this helps us try out new ideas to make St Pancras and Somers Town a better place be over sixty.

And finally – thanks to our lovely partners and sponsors who’ve kindly helped us pay for and put together these lovely boxes: The Francis Crick Institute, Keepmoat, and the Origin Housing staff volunteering programme.

If you’d like to take part in the project please contact my colleague Sarah Hoyle via email or call 0300 323 0325 or 07919 598 37

Our thanks to the team from The Crick who helped us pack the boxes.

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