Researching loneliness and isolation in Margate


Today marks one of the biggest milestones in the We Are Ageing Better project. We’re taking twenty older participants on a research trip to meet our colleagues at Ageless Thanet, another Ageing Better project.

This might sound like a bit of a jolly, but there’s a real purpose behind the trip. A core part of We Are Ageing Better is helping local older people to find out all about loneliness and isolation, and develop new ideas and changes that can tackle these. Obviously a huge part of this is about researching close to home, with our neighbours and friends in the area – St Pancras & Somers Town is truly a unique area, and projects like the Cream Tea in A Box are a great way of learning all about the immediate neighbourhood.

But it’s also really important we look a bit further afield, to get some inspiration and discover how other people and other areas experience loneliness and isolation, and what they’re doing about it. The participants coming with us today have been trained up as peer researchers, and will be gathering as much insight as they can to bring back and present to everyone else involved in the project.

The Ageless Thanet team have put an incredible programme together for us, with demonstrations of different projects, Q&A sessions and even a workshop at Dreamland.

We can’t wait to see what comes out of the trip, and will be sharing everything we learn right here once we’re back.

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