Writers Club: Introducing Katy

Before I retired I worked for University College London running a science lab at the Institute of Child Health. As a scientific officer I ran the transgenic lab which broadly speaking looked at genetics. I worked on projects which supported the research on childhood diseases. I started working in this field in the 1980s at the very early stages of this field of research. I have contributed towards the many scientific papers. I retired in 2012 before my department moved into the Francis Crick in 2014.


I remember walking to and from the Royal College Street when I was working UCL as we had a small lab bath the Royal Veterinary Collage. It was a scary experience walking to and from the lab, it felt quite dangerous. The area is amazing now it is really transformed. In the last 15 years the Kings Cross has really improvd and is much safer now.

Before the Crick was built I helped run a garden on the site. Together my daughters and I grew cabbages and other veggies in the ground. I like being with my children they make me feel young. My aim is to help rather than to be helped. I volunteer with the local homeless crisis at Christmas, which is very rewarding. Although I am in by 70s I have been blessed by a good and an active mind.

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