We Are Ageing Better Trip to Birmingham

“What an excellent adventure” succinctly sums feedback from one of our group about our trip to Birmingham last week to meet the Ageing Better Birmingham team.

Click on this picture to hear Pat talking about the trip to Birmingham

For Pat this was the first We Are Ageing Better activity she had been part of; “What I liked about the trip was experiencing new things,  We Are Ageing Better is all about reducing loneliness and isolation, so learning from other is really important.”


The We Are Ageing Better research trip to Birmingham came about following a number of community lunches that where held in St Pancras and Somer Town late last year. Listening to the call for more trips out and opportunities to learn new things, We Are Ageing Better was granted money from The Crick for two research trips; one to Margate in March and the other to Birmingham in June.

Birmingham TeamThe trips provided a great way of learning about events and projects taking place nationwide, that could benefit the residents of St Pancras and Somers Town, the location of the  We Are Ageing Better project. “I particularly liked the idea of advertising the Ageing Better Birmingham project on the back of bus tickets” remarked Janet. “This is the sort of things we could do here”

Geraldine and Frances
Click on this photo to here Jeraldene speaking to Frances

Through out the trip the older people recorded their thoughts and feelings in a number of audio posts which can be heard here . Our thanks to Nick from Podnosh who helped us record the stories.

We Are Ageing Better is one of nine projects that are taking place in the London Borough of Camden under the Ageing Better Camden umbrella.

Sarah Hoyle

Author: Sarah Hoyle

I am the project co-ordinator for Ageing Better, a local resident lead project for Somers Town and St Pancras. The project has been created to reduce isolation and loneliness for residents over 60, though positive and engaging activities designed by local people.

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