We Are Ageing Better in St Pancras & Somers Town is a locally led programme, developed with older people and designed to bring the community together to share and build friendships.

We Are Ageing Better is open to everyone over 60 in St Pancras & Somers Town, a neighbourhood in the heart of Camden. We bring people together to share their skills and expertise to create great projects and changes in our community. Our ultimate aim is to reduce the number of lonely and isolated people in the ward.

The project is delivered by Origin Housing, and we’re a part of the wider Ageing Better in Camden programme, which itself is one of more than ten Ageing Better projects in the UK. The whole programme is funded by the Big Lottery Fund, working with The Centre for Ageing Better.

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St Pancras & Somers Town

St Pancras & Somers Town is a ward in the London Borough of Camden. It’s an incredibly diverse area, with the village-like neighbourhoods of Somers Town and Elm Village, the new King’s Cross development, and world-leading institutions like the British Library and Francis Crick Institute – all squeezed in between Agar Grove and the Euston Road and Euston and St Pancras stations.

It’s also an area of incredible history – Charles Dickens and Thomas Hardy both lived and are buried in the ward, and Somers Town is widely viewed as one of the birthplaces of modern social housing. It was here that Fr Basil Jellicoe founded the St Pancras House Improvement Society (now Origin Housing) to rebuild the slums and improve the dire conditions of 1920’s Somers Town. His approach, along with Irene Barclay, was to build not just housing – but a strong community for those living in it, with Mrs Barclay coining the motto “housing is not enough” to define this approach.